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Track II is a form of diplomacy centered around smaller, informal meetings between influential actors in conflict regions. For the past fifteen years, Happymon Jacob has both facilitated and participated in numerous Track II dialogues, largely focussing on India-Pakistan and Kashmir.


He currently leads the Chao Track Dialogue between India-Pakistan, housed under the Council for Strategic and Defense Research, in partnership with the Pakistan-based Jinnah Institute. He is also an active participant in numerous other dialogues, listed below.

Dr Jacob is frequently consulted by international organizations and governments on the efficacy and expected outcomes of Track II & peacebuilding in the region.

Track II Experience

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2010 - Present

Ottawa Dialogue's India-Pakistan Nuclear Dialogue

A series of informal Track II dialogues working towards a sustainable and peaceful nuclear future for India & Pakistan. Read more here.

2009 - Present

Chao Track Dialogue

Happymon Jacob currently leads the India chapter of the Chao Track Dialogue between India and Pakistan. It is housed at the Council for Strategic and Defense Research.

2009 - Present

Ottawa Dialogue's India-Pakistan Military-Military Dialogue

Operating similarly to Ottawa Dialogue's Nuclear dialogue, the Military-Military Dialogue brings together actors from India and Pakistan to facilitate better communication strategies between the two militaries. Read more here.

2008 - Present

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

A bi-annual conference hosted by the Nobel peace-prize winning organization Pugwash, bringing together scholar-practitioners within the peace & nuclear disarmament space. Read more here.


Doha Dialogue on 'Peace and Security in Afghanistan'

Hosted in Doha, Qatar, in January of 2016. A Track II engagement with the Taliban, organized by the Pugwash Conference of Science and World Affairs.


Pugwash India-Pakistan Independent Commission

• 3-4 June 2010, Islamabad.
• 26-27 February 2011, Dubai.
• 26-26 May 2011, Islamabad.


Pugwash Track II Initiative on Kashmir

• 11-14 December 2004, Kathmandu.
• 10-12 March 2006, Islamabad.
• April 2005, Srinagar,
• 22-24 July 2007, Colombo.
• 15-16 March 2008, Colombo.
• 15-17 September 2013, Islamabad.

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